Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm the "ethnic" person in my office

I don't know how this happened, since I thought I was as Caucasian as they come, but I guess anyone can appear ethnically diverse when you are surrounded by true wasps.

I noticed this when I brought dolmades for lunch the first time, maybe a month ago? Now, this is the food of my people. I might be almost 75% European mutt, but I am also 1/4 Lebanese. Never mind the fact that Lebanese are also considered Caucasian. Anyway, stuffed grape leaves have been a part of my family heritage my entire life. My family used to make them with lamb or sometimes ground beef, but I prefer just the rice filling with the spices. Although it might be fun to see what other yummy combinations I can come up with. But I digress.

So my stuffed grape leaves are sitting in a tupperware container inside the fridge at the office and my CW freaks out. I mean, FREAKS. She was so grossed out and couldn't comprehend that anyone would eat something like that. Huh? I was shocked. And maybe a bit amused. I never considered myself an adventurous eater. I don't eat octopus or squid or shrimp. I tried sea urchin once, and won't ever do it again.

So when I packed my lunch for today, I included some dolmades and giggled a little. Maybe next time I should pack some tabbouleh too and really freak 'em out.


  1. OMG, will you share your recipe??? i would love to know how to make them! My grandmother was Greek and used to cook us grape leaves, musaka, bakalva, ect. But I was too young to realize that this was a talent I should aquire from her, so when she passed so did all our family recipes! (my mom does not cook, at all). If you're willing to share you're I'd love to learn!! yummy.

  2. that girl for real? i get that one might not be familiar with certain foods, i for example didn't know what hush puppies were (till the girls explained), but i'll tell you what- if i saw them i wouldn't "freak". wtf is wrong with people. wait if i saw brains or tongue i might freak, but only on the inside, i wouldn't want to offend anyone. many in my family love tongue. i do too, but not cow tongue that you eat ;)i'll stop now.

  3. Your co-worker should become friends with my co-worker who gets freaked out when I bring in curry.

    People really don't know what they're missing. Oh well, more for us!

  4. People are ridiculous. This is pretty amusing.

  5. What a weirdo. I love stuffed grapes leaves!

  6. That is so strange. I can't imagine feeling like it is okay to make commentary on someone else's lunch. Weird.


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