Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Le Sigh

This course is not working out the way I had hoped. The saddest thing is that my camera does not have the range of settings the course assumes. First lesson with aperture asks you to take three sets of shots: one at your camera's absolute lowest setting (mine is f/2), one at f/8 (mission accomplished), and one at f/22. My camera only goes to f/11. Fail. :/

Next assignment was ISO and shutter speed. Well, since it was night, I was shooting inside, so the lesson recommended I set the ISO to 1000 or greater. My ISO only goes up to 320. Fail. So I move on to shutter speed anyway. Lesson wants you take a photo of running water with a shutter speed of 1/80, 1/1000, and 2 seconds. Wouldn't you know, my camera's fastest shutter speed is 1/640!

My mother was right - if I can learn to take photos with this hand me down, I will be able to take pictures with anything.

Incidentally, my little Sony digital point and shoot has ISO settings all the way up to 3600. Go figure.


  1. But...you know what f-stops and ISO are!

    You're already ahead of a lot of people.

  2. I do take some comfort in that :)

  3. yeah like me, i have no freakin' clue what you're talking about.

  4. Don't worry about it. You're still getting the basics. Even if you don't have the exact speeds,ect you are learning what the overall effect is of the range available in your camera. That's what important.


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