Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Orange County Fair

Fair Time is the best time of the year. I know I look forward to the Fair mostly for the food, but I love almost everything about it - the animals, the vegetables, the entertainment, the people watching. I just never get my fill of it.

This year, I made plans with some of the girls to go to the Fair. When we arrived, we decided to look at the livestock while we waited.


Baby cows!



Baby piggies!

The girls didn't take long to get there, so we headed towards the food stands, since that was the main reason to go, right? We walked past the Al's Brain exhibit.

Never did get in there! Oh well.

And then we spotted the roasting meat. H was enthralled.

My first purchase was the chocolate covered bacon though! I was dying to try it and knew it would be spectacular!

The best pieces were the ones with only a little chocolate - it really allowed the salty smokiness of the bacon to shine through with just enough sweetness. Of course, the heavily dipped pieces were fine - the excess of chocolate just overwhelmed the bacon, so all you tasted was the chocolate. Not like that's a bad thing.

Next we hit the fryer - fried oreos

And a fried twinkie

The fried oreos were kinda disappointing. The sugary filling oozed out and the whole thing was lacking something. Maybe it was lacking bacon, since it was so overly sweet! I didn't try the twinkie, but I'm sure it was fine, for a fried pastry. It probably needed bacon too, though.

WTF is up with the toys at the midway games?

I also resisted the corn dog that was the size of my forearm. I'm a little sad though.

Next we moved on to the fried zucchini and bbq corn. The zucchini was greasy, but the corn was good enough. Someone like me with a penchant for fat isn't bothered by the grease by any means. I ate what my husband did not. LOL

And then we saw the "Zucchini Weenie" - I was sad for my H. I know he would have loved that!

Next we saw these cheese stuffed roasted peppers. This was immediately on my must eat list.

It was good, but they left the seeds inside the chile. It wasn't hot, but the seeds did add a bitterness I could have done without, but the cheese was ooey gooey perfection, so I'll let the seed thing slide.

Perfect Fair shoes? Sorry for the blurry pic, but you get the idea. I can't imagine walking in those shoes for 20 feet much less around the whole Fair. My feet would fall off!

Next up, Funnel Cake! Buena got the cake with the strawberries, and Staycee got hers with Raspberry syrup. I had a bite (or three!) of each and both were delightful.

But H showed up with a pulled pork sandwich, so I quickly moved on to savory things again :)

It started to get late, so the girls left. H and I were still into walking around and people watching... and of course, still eating. I really wanted to try the Australian Battered Potatoes and while we were wandering around trying to find them, we spotted this:

PINKS! H and I have wanted to go to Pinks for so long, but never really make it there. Plus waiting in the never-ending line doesn't usually appeal to us. They had a limited menu for the Fair, but we were able to get the "Huell Howser" - a Chili cheese dog with onions, ketchup, relish and mustard. It was all kinds of messy awesome.

While we were eating our Pinks, I spotted the funniest looking balloons ever. What the hell are those - chickens?

Apparently the NON Foster Farms Chickens were making an appearance. We could have gotten our picture taken with them, but I preferred to take photos of them from a safe distance.

The funniest part was the hats they made their poor staff wear. I actually think they are worse than the Hot Dog on a Stick uniforms.

Before we went home, we wanted to check out the livestock again, namely the babies. :)

The little baby piggies were still as cute as ever!

And the baby cows were ready for bed.

I never did get those Australian Potatoes - I was pretty much stuffed after the Pinks Hot Dog. Oh well. But what a great night! It made me wish I had gone more than once this year. BUT the LA County Fair is coming up, so I feel like I have a second chance! Now I have to figure out when...


  1. I love those baby piggies!
    I love the fair. I will have to catch the LA County one.

  2. OMG, looks amazing. I could have eaten every single thing there!!

  3. PINKS!!!!!! good thing i left i would've inhaled one.

  4. looks like so much fun! And of course, you saw pigggies!!!


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