Thursday, August 6, 2009

WW Weigh in, Week 27

Previous Weight: 159.6
Current Weight: 156.0
Lost this week: 3.6
Total lost: 23.4

I was looking for a kinda big loss this week, just to stay on track for my goal of 155 by 8/20. This was also my leader's last week with my meeting, and I was kinda sad that I wouldn't hit goal with her. Then she asked me what was so magical about that last pound? Nothing. So I made my goal 156, and now I am in maintenance! She also said that I could come to one of her other meetings in 6 weeks to weigh in for lifetime. I am paying until October anyway, so this gives me a couple extra weeks if I don't weigh in within two pounds of 156 in six weeks.

I think I know who the new leader is, and I think I like her. She has subbed before, and was funny, although a REALLY strong personality. We shall see how this turns out. Otherwise, I could always switch to my lunchtime meeting that I go to when I have to work late on Thursdays. She's not bad. Unfortunately, none of my curent leader's meetings are convenient for me.

So on to maintenance! It almost a little scary, knowing that I have to maintain this specific weight loss. I know I seemed to do it a lot when I wanted to lose, but trying to do it feels like a different animal. But it's also nice to know that I can drink some wine and eat some popcorn tonight. :) And since I am going to the OC Fair this weekend, I know I will be getting some calories in. I guess if I'm not up a bunch next week, it will be a good thing!

Last, I am going to take advantage of these 6 weeks of maintenance to start lifting weight again - maybe I can manage some muscle gain and fat loss to maintain my weight but make me look better too.


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