Saturday, September 5, 2009

Me = Awesome

I think I have shrugged off my self-given title of the Laziest Runner in the World. I ran my 18 miles today, at 4000 feet, alone. I even did it via the tedious 5 laps around a short loop just so I could refill my water bottles at regular intervals. This is what really makes me awesome - I did it without my garmin, a sport watch or even an ipod. I also did it without gatorade, shot bloks or Gu. ::duh duh DUH::

I realized I had forgotten to pack my gadgets about 20 minutes into the drive, but 20 minutes might have been 300 miles to someone trying to beat LA Labor Day traffic out of town. I actually cried, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I had reservations about running my first 18 miles by myself, but I really had no idea how I could finish a run without my interval timing or music! Music is the worst part - how the hell was I going to do this? My unsympathetic husband told me to "Just do it"

I get up at 6:00 am, because it was supposed to be hitting 80 degrees shortly after 10:00 am. I scrounged around my friend's kitchen, and found some sugar and salt, so I made a homemade sport drink, and set out. It was cold, but I knew it was going to heat up. The first lap was okay. The seoond lap was harder. When I stopped after the third lap, I wasn't sure I could finish. Two more laps seemed like an eternity!

Halfway through the third lap, I made a bargain with myself. I would skip the final stop, because going back to the house to fill up and then having to run again would kill me and my motivation, which was already waning. Instead, I would run the two laps straight through, and let myself stop at Rite Aid for a Powerade and a treat. So that's what I did!

So all in all, I feel pretty accomplished - and that's a total understatement. I know I ran the mental run today for sure. And guess what!? It wasn't that bad!!!!

Actually, it was. I wouldn't go as far to say I would rather chop off my right arm than run such a long distance without my ipod ever again, but it's close. Let's just say I will be WAY more vigilant about packing my gadgets in the future. Thank you, loyal blog readers - the only reason I tried it and completed it was just so I could claim it on this blog. Strange but true. Happy Labor Day!


  1. I'm totally proud of you! But I think you're insane, lol. I did a 15-miler once with no ipod though and it was surprisingly ok. Glad you survived and again woot woot for getting out there and just doing it!

  2. You seriously rock!

    I would have totally cried without my gadgets too. I am super impressed that you got through that with no music!

  3. you ARE AWESOME.


    I actually rarely ran with my ipod on. I would just keep it on in case I needed it. The constant looping of songs made me realize how much time was passing and would drive me nuts.

    You are so awesome.

  4. You're such a rock start!!! Way to go!!

  5. Way to go! That is a huge accomplishment, I'm not even sure I can wrap my head around. 18 freaking miles, that is awesome!

  6. wow, you rock!!! Even with gadgets, 18 miles is heroic!

  7. i am so impressed. you are amazing. :) i really wish i could be a runner - but, alas, i don't think it's in the cards.

  8. that kicks ass! i'm really proud of you. i would've punked out. i can not work out without music. a runner i can look up to ;)


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