Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Crow Bar

Since our Anniversary and OC Restaurant Week were jutted up against each other, H and I decided to use the opportunity to try something new. We had read about The Crow Bar in a magazine and thought this was the perfect excuse to try it!

Of course, from the moment we decided to go and all the way through the meal, I couldn't help thinking about Sable Crow.

The Prix Fixe menu for OC restaurant Week was only $30 per person!

We started out with drinks: I had the Fox Barrel Pear Cider while H had the Stone Pale Ale. The Pear Cider was very good - traditional cider with just a hint of sweetness and more of a bite than the normal Wyders you usually see! Both were $5 - An OCRW special!

In addition to the OCRW choices, we also decided to add an order of duck fat fries for $8

These were delicious - crispy and rich in flavor, served with a house made ketchup and a truffle allioli.

next came out appetizer trio: a blue crab deviled egg, a grilled stuffed date (chorizo and laura chenel goat cheese filling, with port syrup), and a croquetta (crispy potato dumplings filled w/serrano ham and manchego cheese, with roasted red pepper allioli).

I loved both the date (decadent!) and the croquetta (savory!) but since I am not a crab person, I took one small bite of the deviled egg and gave the rest to H. He enjoyed it.

Next, we had our salads:

H got the ice cube salad with pt. reyes blue cheese dressing, oven dried tomatoes, and bacon bits

While I had the rocket salad with pecorino romano and aged balsamic vinegar.

We shared, and both salads were delightful! The oven roasted tomatoes were so richly flavored and held up very well to the blue cheese and bacon. The rocket greens were spicy and the balsamic added the right amount of sweet and tart.

For dinner I ordered a glass of the "Permutations" Pinot Noir from Victoria, Australia for $10. It was a decent Pinot, recommended by our server. It did not, however, pair well with the entrees we ordered. I should have gone with my gut and picked a spicy Zin. Live and learn, I suppose.

Next we split the entrees:

The grilled cheese of the day: Gorgonzola, prosciutto jam and a fried egg with arugula

And the Mushroom Flatbread: roasted crimini mushrooms, seven cheese sauce, sauteed leeks, white truffle oil, and reggiano.

The flatbread was to die for. Rich and earthy, nicely balanced, crispy crust and simply delish. Unfortunately, the grilled cheese was oversalted. Not sure what part of it was over seasoned, as the prosciutto jam and the egg each tasted fine on their own. Maybe the combination just didn't work as well as the chef had hoped? Very disappointing.

Dessert was chef's choice - flourless chocolate cake - delicious but not exceptional as far as flourless chocolate cakes go.

Overall, it was a really good experience. The Crow Bar calls itself a "Gastropub" and I agree - everything is familiar, just with a nice gourmet twist. I would definitely go back, although I would probably stay away from the server's wine suggestions and the grilled cheese concoction. There are so many items on that menu I would love to try - from the various appetizers to the list of whimsical desserts that look much more fun than flourless chocolate cake!


  1. Holey shit that all looks so good! The duck fat fries sound interesting. Sorry the grilled cheese was too salty and that the pairings didn't jive with you well. I wouldn't have known the difference, lol.

  2. I think I will be adding duck fat fries to my dining quest list.

  3. It looks delicious! I, too, want to try duck fat fries!

  4. I think we should do a duck fat fry GTG


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