Saturday, October 10, 2009


"Running is a mental sport... and we are all insane"

I have the Long Beach Half Marathon tomorrow, and am starting to get all pumped for the race. There is something about racing that makes me super happy, super excited, super crazy.

So why is it that all I have to do is see some bling:

And suddenly I am bound and determined to run FOUR Marathons in 2010? I shake my head at myself. You see, if you complete four Rock 'n' Roll full marathons in one calendar year, you qualify for the bling you see above. It is even more blingy in person - heavy and thick and sparkly. UGH LOL There are other blingy medals too.

So here I am planning out my next year of FULL MARATHONS.

Arizona Rock 'n' Roll - January 17
San Diego Rock 'n' Roll - June 6
Seattle Rock 'n' Roll - June 26
Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll - December 5

I can't tell if I am truly insane, or just temporarily insane. WTF am I thinking? BTW this is not set in stone by any means. Well, not really.


  1. Yikes! That is some serious bling. Totally worth running FOUR marathons in ONE year!!!

    Seriously though, I know you can do it! The only thing that is slightly conceerning is the two so close together in Jun. Any chance you can fine one in april instead of 2 in June? That way you're running 1 every quarter!

  2. I'd come party, err... root you on in Vegas!

  3. Truly insane, that's my vote and I'm sticking to it =)

  4. Hellllz yeah!
    Do you get the medal if you combine in some halves?
    We were really considering Seattle, as well.

  5. The Four-titude medal is only for fulls. I really wanted to do San Jose instead of Phoenix, but no dice there :(

  6. i wouldn't say you're insane, i'd say you're hooked. you can do it! that's going to be some serious bling ;)


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