Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Time

AHHHHHHHH! It's totally here. I am excited. And I can also feel the nervousness in my tummy. The next time I post in this blog, I will be a MARATHONER! Wow. Crazy!

Even better news than that, is due to the many MANY extremely generous people I have been lucky enough to know, I am OVER my fundraising goal! Woot woot! I am also excited because the family of Nicole, my honored hero, is coming to cheer me on this weekend! And I am getting a Blue Tiffany Box. From a FIREMAN in a TUXEDO! Can't forget that.

So now I need to finish some work, since this is my last day in the office until next week, AND I still have a ton of stuff to do tonight to prepare too! I guess keeping busy will keep me preoccupied.

GO TEAM!! :)


  1. Good luck! When the hills attack you, just remember how awesome you are!

  2. OMG i can't believe you are doing this - you must be crazy! but good luck! i hope you have a great time!

  3. Woohoo! That is so awesome that you have exceeded your goal.
    Very best of luck, my friend. I will be thinking about you!


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