Monday, October 26, 2009

Randoms from Dip's Kitchen

Just a couple no-so-creative but oh-so-yummy things!

First we took figs

Cut them in half and stuffed them with goat cheese

Then we took bacon

cut the strips in half

And wrapped them around said goat cheese stuffed figs

Baked them in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes


And in preparation for Halloween, I made Skittles Vodka! This was the easiest thing on my 101 list, I'm sure. LOL

I gathered my ingredients

And assembled. Now they are going to steep for the 5 days until All Hallow's Eve. I have some sparkling water to mix them with, along with candy eyeball drink stirrers :) I'm so excited!

I might have to make Vodka Gummi Bears too! Whooo! I love Halloween!


  1. Wow those figs look effing tasty! I think it's the goat cheese and bacon that make it! Can't wait to try the skittles vodka, oh yeah.

  2. I'll pass on the Skittles vodka, but a big YES to bacon-wrapped, goat-cheese-stuffed figs.

  3. They both look yummy yummy...Good enough for 2 yummy's :-)

  4. the bacon wrapped figs look really good!

  5. I will volunteer myself to try the vodka gummi bears. It's a tough sounding job, but someone has to do it.

    I'm amused that 10YT likes your bacon-goat cheese-fig dish, when she hated our dessert so much!

  6. ooooh skittles vodka caught my interest.....


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