Friday, October 23, 2009

Running vs. KTFU

I have to vent about this. Every now and again, H brings up my running and tries to imply that it's keeping me from getting pregnant. The week before the Marathon, I had a minor cycle vent and was worried I would get my period right before my pap smear. The pap smear was on Thursday, and it was Monday evening, and I had just gotten my period, which was just in time, considering I only have it for two days. I said "Finally" he asked why I was happy, so I told him. He was confused and wanted to know why I didn't expect to be pregnant and why I would be happy I wasn't. I tried to explain (AGAIN) that our chances of getting KTFU before his surgery was slim to none and that I haven't been hopeful about getting pregnant for a while.

Then he asked me if I would have tested, to which I replied, "Sure, but not until the morning." So then he says "If you were pregnant, would you still run your marathon this weekend?" Of course, I said "Yes. Why wouldn't I? I just ran a half marathon yesterday. I would still run, but just take it easy."

And here is the clincher - he actually told me he wouldn't want me to, and hinted that he would forbid it. WTF?? After everything I did to train and fundraise, he would try to prevent me from doing my race?

I still can't believe he would use it against me. I'M the one who eats healthy. I'M the one who has lost weight to get healthier. I'M the one that has no apparent fertility issues. I still ovulate and get a period. ME! My health has greatly improved because of my running, especially my long runs. Let me elaborate.

I lost 40 pounds in early 2006, changed my eating habits and began going to the gym. After losing the 30 pounds, my cholesterol wasn't great, my blood sugar wasn't great, and I was diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome which is a precursor to Type II Diabetes. Even after two years of eating moderately healthy and working out regularly, my bloodwork hadn't changed much and I was starting to get concerned.

Fast forward another year - the year I was regularly training for a full and a few half marathons, which also helped me lose another 20+ pounds. I no longer have Metabolic Syndrome, and guess what, my Cholesterol is as good as it has ever been! My total Cholesterol is 247, which seems high, BUT:

My HDL is 105! (Anything higher than 46 is good, and anything over 65 is heart protective)
My LDL is 125 (anything less than 130 is good)
My Triglycerides are 85 (anything less than 150 is good)
And my ratio of total cholesterol to HDL is 2.4 - most people have to work very hard to get it under 5!

I guess 4 hour long runs are good for something! :)

So here I am, publicly announcing that if I ever get pregnant, I will continue to run as long as my DOCTOR says it's okay. I don't really care what my husband thinks, as long as my doctor says it's okay, I'm RUNNING dammit!


  1. I can understand your H being concerned BUT he really needs to stfu and leave it between you and your doctor.

    You should show him SFAug07's (?) blog post about running a marathon while 6 months pg and how it was in large part possible due to her H's *support*.

  2. I'm so sorry A. I understand your frustration completely. Or at least as completely as someone who is not TTC can - but I've voiced my concerns to you before. If it might help the tiniest bit - point him toward Charlotte in the SATC movie. Her doctor told her, if you've always run, keep doing it! You are doing above and beyond what you should do and what is expected of you by any measure of a human being. I know you are just venting but hang in there.

  3. You are so fucking inspirational! I think what you are doing both for your health and other mental and physical well-being is fabulous.

  4. you go girl! Once you are KTFU there is no reason to change your normal exercise routine unless your doc tells you, or of course unless you feel like absolute crap. But you apparently know this... I should be telling this to your man. Good for you!

    And for the record - my cholesterol has been in the 230's for 10 years now. Even the 2 years I did WW it never changed (damn heredity). However like you I have a great ratio and no doc has ever been concerned about it or even talked about treating it in anyway yet. 10 years!

  5. You have made such awesome strides for your health! You should definitely be proud of yourself, and I am sure it will continue, when you get pregnant.

  6. I'm such a proponent of women continuing to exercise once they get pregnant, assuming they feel okay and their doctor is good with it. Obviously, you know this. Shall I come over and help pop some sense into your H? {{hugs}}


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