Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nobody's Perfect

My local morning radio show was talking about butt implants today. They had Dr. Rey from "Doctor 90210" on, and he was talking about how butt implants are now outselling boob jobs in his practice. Then he told a story about how he gave a speech (presumably about butt implants) at the Playboy Mansion, and before his speech he had his staff seek out the three "most perfect butts" in the room so he could bring them up to show them to the crowd. Out of the three Playboy Playmates, one was Brazilian (butt supposedly God given), and the other two had implants.

This just makes me cringe. TWO out of the THREE had butt implants. These are the women that are supposed to be ideal. It's not enough that they are probably disgustingly gorgeous already, and still get airbrushed to the hilt, but they have been so incredibly altered. What is real and natural anymore? These days, anyone can be considered "perfect" as long as they are willing to undergo exercise, diet... oh and PAIN that they paid through the nose for.

Don't get me wrong, I am not against cosmetic procedures. What I am against is a society that not only makes "perfect" desirable, it also makes imperfection into some crime we should be ashamed of committing. This is more than just a eyelift or a boob job. This is altering the very size and shape of your entire body. This is becoming even more plastic than Pam Anderson (unless she had butt implants too).

So I'm standing up. Hey society - I'm not perfect, and I love that my imperfections. There are certainly things I want to work on (ahem, belly), but I will always have a small gap in my teeth and a nose on the larger side (that will unfortunately grow with age. I saw my grandmother, I know the score). My calves will always be skinny, and my breasts are starting to show their age. My eyes are going to be crinkly the rest of my life and I have had creases on my forehead for as long as I can remember because I show too much emotion on my face. Fuck it. I'm more interesting because of these things. I'm reject your "perfect" and you know where you can shove it.


  1. Right up your plastic ass! ;)

    <3 this post <3

  2. i wish i had skinny calves too.

    yeah right on with this post! i have gotten to the point where i kind of feel bad for actresses, for example. i recently worked with an A list actress, spent the entire day with her doing press and all she ate - hard boiled eggs. 4. that's it. all day. she's thin, but man the pressure she must be under. everyone made a comment about her appearance. no one said jack about the male actors.


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