Friday, November 20, 2009

November Weigh In

Goal Weight: 156.0
Current Weight: 158.0
Difference: +2.0

I am so happy that I scraped in at the 2 pound limit! I had struggled with tracking in October and the early part of November. When you are lifetime with WW you need to weigh in once a month (within two pounds of goal) to maintain your current lifetime status. I hadn't felt confident enough until this week to weigh, so I was running out of time to get my November weigh in done!

I am a little worried about Thanksgiving. I usually overeat and overdrink - to the point of discomfort and acid reflux. My biggest goal this year for the holiday is to just try and avoid that overstuffed feeling. I have thought a lot about what items I love and what I can do without. I have tried to rehearse in my mind how I am going to approach that day. First of all, I am going to a long run that morning. Next, I am avoiding champagne. That always gives me heartburn. I am going to drink water all day, and keep gum in my pocket so I can avoid gorging on appetizers all day long. Last, I am going to choose my absolute favorite things. I will eat the stuffing and the mac and cheese, but skip the mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. I am going to eat turkey breast and root vegetables. I might even bring my own TJ's low fat gravy. Then I am going to take a walk before eating 1/2 slice of one kind of pie (not three like normal). I don't know how accurately I am going to count points, but I will be successful if I can avoid my normal 3-4 days of acid reflux.

Wish me luck! I hope I can adhere to my plan. I am going to WW with a different leader on Tuesday, and then will have a week to regulate after the big day. I think I am going to continue to post my weigh in results like before, hopefully to keep me on track.


  1. i just learned quite a lot from this post.

    you have to weigh in once a month and be within 2lbs or you lose your lifetime status? say what? now i get why people are always saying it's hard. also TJ makes lowfat gravy? i need to check that out.

    sounds like you have a good plan for thanksgiving! yeah and i'd pick mac and cheese over champagne any day :)

  2. You don't lose your lifetime status totally, but you must weigh in no more than 2 pounds over your goal to keep your lifetime status active. If you weigh in more than 2 pounds over, you have to pay at that meeting and every one after that until you are within the 2 pounds. And if you miss a month (or many) you have to pay the first meeting, and then as long as you are close to goal again, you have your lifetime back. Is that more clear?

  3. That sounds like a great plan! I always stuff myself to the point of feeling ill, too...and I always regret it.

  4. That plan sounds good and I think I will approach my day similarly but without the exercise. You have a really clear idea of what you will and will not do so that is a good sign. Good luck!


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