Monday, November 2, 2009

San Francisco!

I will try to touch on all the food we ate while in SF. I am sadly missing some photos, but what else is new?

We landed early in the afternoon and right after checking in, we hit Johnny Foley's, the Irish Pub two blocks away, for an awesome Bloody Mary. Since I was running on Sunday, I figured Friday was my last day to drink before the race!

After the Bloody Mary (and some awesome spicy fries), we headed over to the Expo to pick up our race packets. After that, H and I did a little sightseeing before heading over to Tres Agaves to meet some of the people who came to town to cheer me on. I did not take any pictures at Tres Agaves. First, H got mad at me because there was a slight hiccup in the public transport, so we had to take a cab. Then, by the time we got there, the only two seats left were separated, on either side of a bunch of unruly kids. I was kicked and pushed, had random items put in my drink and on my plate, and ended up paying $90 for the pleasure. The food at Tres Agaves was good, but priced very high. The margaritas were good, but no better than El Callejon and more expensive. I might have been a little happier about my experience if I was able to dine undisturbed. That is all I am going to say about these children, who I normally love, but obviously needed to have their asses kicked.

However, the next morning we were back on the happy track (or at least the reasonably happy track). We hopped on the Muni to the Ferry Building!

Started with some Blue Bottle

And hit the Farmer's Market!

Decided on Tamales for Breakfast!

We ordered one mushroom, spinach and cheese and one pork tamale. Both were good, but not totally amazing. Too much masa. I make better ones. ;o)

Had fresh Blueberry Lemonade as our beverage - tart and sweet and delicious.

Next the whole lot of us hopped on the Muni again and headed down to Pier 39

I took these pics for my 606 LOL

Here are a bunch of buckets filled with bath salts.

Bath salts that had the most yummy flavors. Bath salts that might have looked and smelled like candy. So much so, my cousin decided to have a taste. He looked around, was sure nobody was looking and scooped a fingerful right into his mouth. The look on his face was priceless and I sooooo wish I had a photo. I hope he learned a valuable lesson, and stops sticking his fingers into random stuff.

After that delight, we walked around the corner to the Sea Lion spot. I took a photo of the Golden Gate, as always, shrouded with fog.

And then some more pics of the oversized dogs better known as Sea Lions.

By this time the kids were getting restless and everyone was getting hungry. We decided to hop on a cable car back to Union Square.

Union Square and the Nike Tent!

For lunch, we hit Out The Door, a food court eatery in the Westfield Mall owned by the same people as The Slanted Door, the restaurant I raved about the last time I was in SF. The food did not disappoint, but it was not really the bargain everyone had claimed. I think the food court set up limits you from ordering so many different courses, and you certainly save money since you can't sample the same yummy drinks, but that doesn't really make it cheaper. I ordered the Daikon Rice Cakes and the Vegetarian Spring Roll again and the prices were pretty much the same as The Slanted Door. It was easier wrangling so many people at Out The Door versus The Slanted Door, but it if were just H and I, we would certainly opt for The Slanted Door and their Ginger Limeades tyvm.

So I am totally skipping the day of the race, since I blogged about most everything in my race and TnT recaps. But Monday morning we woke up and wanted to savor some more of the city before heading to our airport in the afternoon.

First we hit Sears for their legendary breakfast. This place is so popular, there is ALWAYS a line. We got in pretty quickly with a party of two and a willingness to sit at the bar.

Another pic of the Cable Car while waiting.

Sears is a small place, although bigger than some.

I like bloody mary's. This one was good, but no comparison to Johnny Foley's, and similarly priced.

We split the Swedish Pancakes and the Eggs Benedict. Both were awesome. No pics for you. Sorry. I ate them too fast.

We walked around, shopped a little, and decided to go for another drink. I had been DYING to go to the Gold Dust Lounge, but H resisted until now.

This place is more than awesome, if you like Dive Bars. The bartender was old school friendly, and made conversation with all the patrons. Think Hooters style, but without those silly nylon shorts. Best of all, Happy Hour is all day long. I had a $3.50 margarita. They also sell $3.50 Irish Coffee and $2.50 Champagne. Awesome. A must stop every time I'm in SF.

Last, we had to hit up Lefty O'Douls. I saw Lefty O'Doul's when I was walking back from the Expo on Friday. I thought it was just another awesome dive to check out. Turns out it was so much more! It's a German Style Hofbrau where they slice your meat right in front of you. H wanted desperately to go to Tommy's Joynt, but I have a feeling this place might be better - maybe only because it doesn't have the TV crowds Tommy's must have gotten.

H got a 1/2 Corned Beef on Rye with lentil soup. Good and cheap.

After this (we were pretty well stuffed by this time) we checked out and headed to the airport. Once past security, we hit the airport bar for a beer.

And this is when I knew it was time to go home:

Japanese Curry with German Knockwurst???? WTF????


  1. You're so right -- every time I've passed Sears, there was a line!

    I want to eat your tamales some day. :)

  2. i love san francisco! now i'm hungry.

  3. Great pictures! I got hungry all over again.

  4. I really want to go back to SF, especially for the food!


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