Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stupid Hope

No spotting. No nothing. Two major bouts of nausea last night, just a little today, but that could have also been the speed intervals.

As stupid as it is, I fell asleep last night thinking about my imaginary due date, and how i would have to adjust my current lifestyle. About how I would need to eat more since I am still currently trying to lose a few pounds (I just haven't been motivated). Wondering if I would still be able to attend WW meetings since I have grown so close to a few people there. About how I haven't a clue on what to do if I do get a positive pregnancy test. I figure the first thing I do is go get a digital to make absolutely sure. But then who do I call about getting a blood test? My internist? My RE? I have no clue. Whatsoever.

The sad part is that even though I can't seem to shake the hope, most of this is just an exercise in futility and wasted brain power. But I am keeping my fingers crossed. I don't know if it is my time, but i would be really happy if it was.


  1. I'm praying this is your time!

  2. thinking positive thoughts for you, A. I really, really, really hope that this is your time.

  3. Keeping everything humanly possible crossed for you. I hope this is your time too.

  4. I hope this is it, you definitely deserve it!

  5. I am also hoping this is your time.


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