Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well That Was Emo

Sometimes things just look and feel super dire at times. Later they might not really be better, but at least you feel better, you know? I know that most of how I feel is internal, and that's totally something I can control. I need to continue to work on my perception and do what I can actually control. Isn't that part of that "serenity prayer" or something?

So I am working on what I can control:

1. Start charting again
2. Start taking my vitamins again daily
3. Tracking my food and cutting out most of the junk
4. Continue my workouts, but add in some yoga for stress relief
5. Continue to apply to jobs and try to stay positive about the process
6. Work on some daily affirmations to improve my self-esteem and outlook
7. Get therapist recommendations from my RE's office
8. Try to do at least one thing a day that brings me joy and focus on the feeling

Here's to finishing 2009 with a brighter outlook.


  1. yeah some days it is really hard to get out of that hole. that's what i call it. the hole. the hole that you get thrown into when it all just gets too hard and you can't see how things can possibly get better. that fall from Mount Hope is a bitch. those objectives you set will definitely help you, even when those moments rear their ugly head again you can hold onto the fact that you put yourself first.

    you've accomplished so much this year. don't forget your huge health accomplishments. i know they've inspired me.

    i'll stop now before i go into a rendition of "wing beneath my wings" and i make your readership puke.


  2. That's an awesome list. I've gotten through a lot with the same premise--focus on what you should be doing and can control... :-)

  3. Ditto everything Buena said. Seriously, think about all the amazing accomplishments you have acheived this year. You are a true inspiration!

    However, I know we all get in those ruts. I think your list will really help to keep you focused and positive.


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