Sunday, December 20, 2009

$200 for what?

A facial cleansing gadget.

I'm not sure why I started frequenting the F&B Board. In fact, the first time a certain friend of mine mentioned the board to me, I immediately thought "Food and Beverage" - That's what a career in hospitality gets you, I guess!

Anyway, on a slow day I did some browsing. And was immediately intrigued by what would possess these women to spend $200 to wash their face. And then of course, in light of my recent experience with a large mirror, started considering it myself.

I know I'm crazy to even think about this, especially when there are so many other ways I could spend my money (Rock Band, iphone, etc.) and also considering I drop hundreds on my dogs on a regular basis. There are other versions that have been reviewed at a much lower price, namely the I-skin and the Pretika. Both are considerably less. But then I think about how much I miss my regular facials, and the Clarisonic might be a cost effective investment since it is roughly the price of two facials?

I have no idea what I should do, which means I probably won't do anything...


  1. If you think your skin could benefit, I don't think $200 is too much to spend, especially if you use it frequently and with good results.

    My skin is very clear as is, so I'm personally too cheap to buy something I don't really need. :)

  2. Ask for it as a gift. I love mine, but couldn't justify spending the money, so I asked for it for xmas last year.

  3. I love mine. I got it last fall and moved from monthly to bimonthly facials since then. (It's totally paid for itself.)

  4. I've been debating this gadget for a while but I just can't justify the purchase at that pricetag!


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