Monday, December 28, 2009

Don't tell me it's fun

I know many of you might think I am insane. I might be. Anyone who enjoys running as much as I do must be insane. But I am human. Most days I would prefer to sleep in rather than get out and run, so it's good I rarely allow myself to consider it.

But today I got a link to "5 Good Reasons to Join the 'Spark Your Body' Bootcamp" by SparkPeople. Most of their reasons are valid, but reason #4 claims "It's fun!"

Fun? When is exercise really fun? Granted, there are types that can be fun, but I'm thinking more like playing the Wii or dancing. A boot camp program isn't fun. I usually enjoy exercise, but don't consider most of it fun. This is exactly why the general public doesn't take any of these programs seriously. Because they LIE to you.

Come on, just tell the truth. Tell me that if I don't do it, I might never lose the weight I put on during the holidays. Or that I might die sooner because my cholesterol levels will go back to the bad range. Or that my stress levels will decrease significantly if I keep it up. You can even tell me that I will be so happy because I will make so many new friends and my life will be great. But don't tell me it's going to be fun, because I know better.


  1. You know me I have the WORST relationship with running. Total love hate. Hate to get out there and then once I'm there I feel great. That and it keeps me lean. :-/

    I feel ya on the "it's not fun" but I do think it's fun when we would do hot yoga or TKB together. That's when I think excersice is fun. :)

  2. Getting mobilized isn't fun but once we're in the groove on a good run I think it's fun. Maybe that's bc I'm a little competitive though. Not sure? I definitely think it's fun to sit in the sauna, does that count? TKB is super fun to me too.


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