Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I am slightly obsessed

I think I am usually pretty restless without change. I like to switch things up - and it's usually my hair! My latest obsession came after watching 500 Days of Summer - I am in LOVE with Zooey Deschanel's hair. It would be a big change from my dark blonde hair for sure, but maybe if I just use one of those semi-permanent dyes, and don't go too dark right off the bat? I guess the first step is to get the haircut.

So what do you think? Can I pull off smoldering brunette?


  1. Zooey is so striking.

    Do you have light eyes like her, too? I love the look of dark hair and bright blue eyes.

    You should upload yourself onto the InStyle Celebrity Hair Makeover to see what you'd look like with dark hair. I'm having a hard time picturing it myself.

  2. Do it!

    I am also craving an appearance change but this mother fucking curly hair makes it difficult for me to commit to bangs. I think you'd look adorable if you went dark. You are stunning as a blonde, too, for the record, but change is good from time to time.

  3. She is so freaking beautiful, it's ridiculous. I say go for it. It's only hair, and it's meant to be changed.

  4. DO IT!

    I went from light brown/blonde to brunette in October, and I LOVE it!


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