Wednesday, January 6, 2010

101 update!

A friend started her own 101 things list and that reminded me, I need to do a bit of an update on mine. Unfortunately, I am still really bad about taking pictures. Perhaps I should start my Project 365 as well.

1. 100 pushup program. Unfortunately, that is just not gonna happen. My wrists just hurt for days and days after I do pushups, especially when done in the numbers the 100 pushups plan requires. I will have to think of something to replace that one with. Or just pay the $5 to charity now.

2. B4L and NROL4W is coming soon! I got that iTouch app, and I am ready to go... as soon as I can drag my ass out of bed in the mornings on a regular basis.

3. Join a CSA - I kinda did that and it was a complete and utter failure. H is way too picky on what he eats and when (this is why meals planning doesn't work well for us), so while nothing really went to waste, nothing was at it's prime either when we, or rather, I finally got around to eating it. High point: apples were to die for. Low point: Oranges were terrible. Plus, it was really pricey for what we got. I could have bought all of the produce for much less, and the first delivery was discounted. I am going to go back to Farmer's markets and Grower's Direct.

4. Mentor for Team in Training - well, I'm actually coaching, but I think that should count!

5. Positivity Challenge. This bitter hag still can't get on board with that 100%, but I think I am getting to be a little more positive here and there.

6. Pay off Credit Card Debt. That will hopefully happen. Right now I am really trying to get H on board with a budget. He is a spender, so when there is money in the account, I think his mind thinks it's open season. I have a snowball plan in place and we have gone over it, and I *think* he's with me, but time will tell. If we stick with our current plan (based on his unemployment benefits) we will be completely out of debt by June of 2012. I am really hoping he will get a job, because 1. That would speed up our payoff plan and 2. If he doesn't, paying off our credit cards will be the least of our worries. : /

6. One last thing I am going to claim: Avoiding restaurant meals for a week. I can't remember the last time we got food to go, or even went out. It was definitely before New Year's eve. We did a pretty good job of eating leftovers this week, and I did meal planning via MiMeals for dinners, so I say we did it! Eating veggie for a week is going to be harder with H around...

Shit, now that I am looking over my list, there is a ton of stuff on there. FFS, what was I thinking? ;o) I might be donating a lot to charity in 2012. LOL I might have to put some of them in my new "ToDo" app to keep me on point!


  1. making good progress! I'd say replace the Pushups since you can't do them b/c of your wrists.

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