Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 has potential

It really does. H and I are starting to figure things out, get on the same page. The budget is coming together, even with H's low unemployment pay (let's hope that H can get a job before UE runs out), and he also got the surgery to correct his varicocele issue, so hopefully his SA numbers will be in the normal range by summer! I don't have skin cancer, which is always a good thing (and I encourage everyone to get annual checks by a Dermatologist in addition to self checks - skin cancer is serious stuff). I have some potentially exciting professional opportunities and my company is opening more locations, hopefully by the end of the year, which offers even more potential opportunities. I am proud to be part of Team in Training and I am getting such a feeling of fulfillment by helping others achieve their goals.

Most importantly, I have wonderful and amazing friends and family to share the good times as well as commiserate about the bad. I have faith that 2010 will have less of the latter and more of the former!


  1. I'm really happy for you. Yeah 2010 rocks!

    Still think we should get your husband a cake :)


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