Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beatles Rock Band vs. The Jonas Brothers

Apparently Nick Jonas played a surprise show in Downtown Disney Tuesday night - he posted it on Facebook and everything. About the same time that Nick Jonas was no doubt showered with adoration from screaming girls, I was playing Beatles Rock Band with my husband.

I don't know how many of you have played or seen Beatles Rock Band, but there are a lot of screaming girls, just as there were way back when the Fab Four introduced their music to the masses.

And that got me thinking - are the Jonas Brothers the new Beatles? My first reaction is that there is no possible way they are as talented as the Beatles. No possible way. But, then again, I have never listened to anything Jonas. Could I be wrong? Could they be that talented?


  1. I havent listened to the Jonas Brothers either but I equate them to Backstreet Boys and nsync. Every generation has their teeny bopper heart throb band but I dont think there have been any have left as large of a mark on society and music or have been as talented as the Beatles. But that's just my 2 cents :)

  2. no fucking way are they the new Beatles. i agree with MJ above. i don't think that there will be another "Beatles", there are and will be bands that leave their own impression on society with their own style and a following unique to them, but no Beatles. i would put them in a category with the Backstreet Boys, Nsync and my own teeny bopper favorites NKOTB. i can't see the Jonas Brothers leaving a mark in music history, teen pop culture, but not music as a whole.

    Yes I'm passionate about this.

    I will give them this. They always say they are heavily influenced by the Beatles, that was enough to get my niece interested in discovering Beatles music. And for that I give them props.

    Now who wants to go see Ringo get his star on the Walk of Fame on Monday with me??

  3. Who cut you deep? And why - because you love all things Jonas? Or because even remotely suggesting that they *might* possibly be like the Beatles is sacrilege? I sure hope it's the latter!!

  4. I've never heard anything by the Jonas brothers. But I did buy my mom & her BF Beatles rock band which definitely Rocks!

  5. Noooooo waaaay!
    They cannot possible be the next Beatles! Popularity maybe, talent? not so much... though, I've barely only heard one song of theirs but that was enough lol

  6. I seriously love the Jonas Brothers way more than any 26 year old should, but, they are not Beatles.

  7. I'm referring to your last line - "Could they be that talented?" No one can really make a judgement, since only time will tell. The Beatles transitioned through many different types of music throughout their career. Their songs are known as classics. I view the Jonas Brothers as the same "boy band" equation the music industry has been pumping out the past 10 years or so. None of them have been able to transition and grow with their audience.

    So by "You cut me deep," I meant comparing the Jonas Brothers to the Beatles is like musical blasphemy to me :)

  8. I hear ya on that, and I totally agree. But, early Beatles music was in no way as complex and inspired and ground breaking as the music they created as they matured.

    Only time will tell if they (or any other currently popular artist) can transcend into something truly incredible. It's doubtful, but you just never know!

    It is kinda funny too that Paul McCartney kinda regressed when the Beatles split up. LOL

  9. Yeah, you're right about that. The songs at the beginning of their careers were SO formulaic. If the Jonas Brothers can put out an album like "Sergeant Pepper's," I will eat my words :)


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