Thursday, February 25, 2010

BFL@Lunch, Day 2

I did it again. Took my own advice, added some moisturizer, and streamlined the makeup bag, changed the lotion (I forgot to mention - it made me smell cloying, instead of fresh), removed the dry shampoo from the bag, etc. From the moment I left my desk to the moment I was back at my desk, it was exactly 1 hour, 16 minutes. That was 20 minutes to get there and change, 35 minutes of workout, and about 20 minutes to get back. The time just to get to the gym is killing me. Plus, today seemed to be really hard to get and keep equipment. When it was time to do legs, was being used. WTF? And then the barbells kept disappearing. Gah! But I got it in, best as I could do.

Body For Life Day 2, lower body workout
Leg Extension - 44,12, 52/10, 52/8, 66/6, 44/12
Leg Press -131/12

Romanian Deadlift -20/12, 30/10, 40/8, 45/6, 40/12
Reverse Lunge -20/12
Straight Leg Calf Extension - 60/12, 80/10, 100/8, 120/6, 80/12
Seated Calf Raise -80/12
Crunch - 5/12, 10/10, 12.5/8, 15/6, 5/12

Plank - 25 seconds. Damn, my abs were toast.

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