Monday, February 15, 2010


I am considering running the LA Marathon. Yes, it's in five weeks, and no, I have not been training. But I was just thinking to myself, that I needed more motivation in my life. I have been slacking - deciding not to run because it was cold, walking more than I should, and skipping my harder weekend long runs.

I should know in the next few days if I am going to do it, but I am going to plan on it anyway. I have to, because there isn't much time!

Here is my long run schedule:
Monday, February 15:  13 miles
Sunday, February 21:  15 miles
Sunday, February 27:  18 miles
Sunday, March 7:  20 miles
Sunday, March 14:  12 miles
Sunday March 21:  Race Day

It actually doesn't look that hard to me. Am I nuts? Probably. But I am excited at the prospect of racing again, and even more excited to run the new LA Marathon course!


  1. Do it, do it! The new course sounds amazing. I ran it in 2001, and it was fun, but I'd love to run the new course - you can't beat a finish that ends at the beach.
    Good luck training!

  2. you are crazy. crazy awesome :) we will be cheering you all the way!

  3. You can totally do it! You're a rockstar!


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