Friday, February 5, 2010

Gray Hairs

I'm an old broad. Being an old broad, I have to deal with gray hair. I really try to not focus on how old I really am, but those damn grays are making it awfully difficult. They are short, wiry, and stick straight up, right out of my part. I think they make me look vaguely like a crazy person. I have used wax, pomade, straightening balm, and a flat iron and flat iron spray to try and tame those little fuckers into submission. By the way, Sleek.look by Matrix Smoothing System Iron Smoother Spray totally rocks. On everything BUT short little wiry gray hairs.

So, WTF? Do I have any other old broads reading my blog that have this same issue and have conquered it? I have resorted to pulling the more offensive ones right out, but I know I can't do that for long. Any suggestions?

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  1. I am only 27 and I have a ton. Hair dye is your friend. They blend in with my highlights.


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