Saturday, February 6, 2010

Junior League and more e-ring drama

I decided to postpone my Junior League experience. It was too much money for us at the moment to join, and God knows I have a bit on my plate these days. They are doing their bus trip tour today.

On a similarly depressing note, I didn't have my engagement ring back for two days, and the other baguette fell out. WTF? I was already worried about wearing my ring, so now I'm beside myself. And of course I was on my hands and knees with a dustpan and broom and flashlight, looking for the chingadera. I did that for the better part of an hour,  until my husband started yelling at me that I looked like a crackhead.

So when H picked the ring up the other day, the girl that was working in the shop when  told him to tell me to "not hit it on anything or it could crack again." Excuse me? WTF? Like if I DID whack it on something, it would be on purpose? And if I whacked it hard enough to CRACK PLATINUM, it wouldn't break the diamond? She kept telling H that Platinum is softer than gold, as if that is the reason it cracked. Ummm, I'm no brain surgeon, but if platinum is softer, then wouldn't it bend? Off to Google: apparently, not if the metal itself has been overworked, which is why you anneal it - to keep the metal soft, because it becomes brittle if it has been shaped too much without annealing.

Apparently the jeweler has never heard of annealing. He looked at me like I had three heads and was purple with orange spots. That put me off a little, but regardless he says that the baguettes are his cross to bear and he will replace them as often as he needs to. He is also reworking the metal a little and soldering the rings together, hoping that offers some more stability to the entire ring so these things don't happen. I sure as fuck hope the center stone stays put. Oy.

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