Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not meant to be

My hopes of LA Marathoning this year have been dashed. The steal of an entry is not going to be available, and having an unemployed husband at home doesn't afford me the $$$$ to purchase one at regular price. Oh well. C'est la vie. Now I guess I can go back to being lazy.

On an unrelated note, Dear Reader, are you getting bored with the daily posting? We are 75% there! Only 10 more days of posting to get through NaBloPoMo. And I haven't even posted about Ties yet. I guess I should start crafting something. I still love the fact that my Blogroll listing on the website is under the category "Psychotic Ranting / Anonymous Foaming." Love! Maybe I should add that into my description. As far as the rst of the month's posts go, I don't have much planned, but you can look forward to a post or two about the wonderful things I am going to cook utilizing a friend's extensive citrus bonanza in her backyard! I also want to post about a walnut and goat cheese strudel I saw in this month's Shape magazine - just for my Catholic readers looking for a Friday Lent recipe! My last post of the month is going to be about my brunch on opening day of OC Restaurant Week. Hopefully I can keep it interesting and fun!


  1. I read all your blog posts, I've just been doing a lot of reading in reader and lazy so I don't comment all the time. PS Ithought you were NUTS to do the LAM, but even still, I was a tad sad for you that you're not going to do it.

  2. I would love to see that strudel recipe.

    I've been reading all your posts too; I've just been a bad commenter lately.

  3. sorry about the marathon :(
    IMO running = evil. but still- :(


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