Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not Totally Together Journal

I found this website/blog randomly the other day: The Totally Together Journal. Man, I hate her. I know hate is a strong word, and this woman totally doesn't deserve it, but hell - does she make me feel bad about myself. Not only does this woman manage all kinds of shit - well - but apparently did it all while pregnant/giving birth/with a newborn. This blog post talks about how she has a three week old, and yet this one is the date that she had the ankle biter. I mean, she must have set all these automated blogs up just in case? I don't have a clue - I think it's going to be a challenge just to blog every day this month, and I even picked a short month!

But I am going to take my hatred, and try to put it to good use. Maybe I will be able to keep a house cleaning schedule. I would love to have people over someday! Just kidding, at least about the hate. If I wasn't so stinking jealous of her, I would probably want to be her friend. I would certainly want to buy her journal, if only the stupid publishers went ahead with printing.


  1. oh man i love this woman! she's my new idol.

    good luck with the blogging!

  2. lol
    I didn't check out her journal so I'm taking your word for it. If I did check it out I would feel terrible about myself.


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