Monday, February 22, 2010

Still Sore & Random Thoughts on Workout Schedules

I woke up Sunday morning sore, but the kind of sore you know is going to be worse the next day. I love that feeling, and I am super anxious to figure out how to fit more pole into my life!

But in the meantime, I have other fitness aspirations on my 101 Things. Things I can do now, while money is tight. My largest hurdle is I am NOT a morning person. Never have been! And I work so late, it can be really disrupting to my marriage to work out after work. So, this morning, as I was scrubbing my face, it suddenly came to me: why couldn't I fit a weight workout in at lunch? I know I can't run at lunch, because I sweat so damn much. But weights, I don't get as sweaty. I bet with some proper tools and knowledge, I could fit these BFL or NROL4W workouts in easily! For fuck's sake, I deserve a lunch hour!

But first I need to consult Google, and of course my trusty fit readers. Any tips on cleaning up quickly after a workout? I am thinking maybe a pack of baby wipes, Wet Ones or the like, deodorant, and maybe hair powder? Or maybe I just sport a ponytail or bun on the days I plan to workout (only three days a week tops).

So lets hear it - what are your post lunchtime workout clean up tips?


  1. "I am super anxious to figure out how to fit more pole into my life!" That's what she said! Sorry couldn't resist.

    That work out sounds awesome!

  2. I swear by the Oil of Olay face wipes. They are the one thing that keep me from breakouts and feeling fresh enough to do anything on my way home from the gym.

  3. I work out between my 2 jobs, on Tue & Thu.
    I take a super quick shower after I work out, but don't wash my hair or face.
    I wipe my face with Neutrongena's Oil blotters, and quickly clean up my make-up.
    I usually just throw my hair up.
    I know it may sound gross, but I guess it's worth it to fit those workouts in.


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