Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Feast

I'm supposed to be eating healthy still, but there are always those days where the bad food kicks in! We actually managed to be somewhat healthy, believe it or not!

We started the pre-game festivities with margaritas and pistachios

And then moved onto the veggie plate with two types of dip and guacamole. We made a shit ton of guac (5 avocados worth!) considering it was only two of us. The bowl in the picture is only a fraction compared to what we made!

The highlight of the day was certainly going to be the pollo asado and adobada tacos. We bought the meat from Stinky's (5 pounds of meat, tortillas and a macaroon for $16! Very MM) and my awesome H did the BBQing

Don't the tacos look awesome? And for any non-Mexicans out there - all you need for real street style tacos: Corn tortillas, meat, white onion and cilantro, Tapatio and maybe a little guacamole. That's it. No cheese, no taco sauce, no flour tortillas. These are perfect as is.

So perfect, I ate maybe three too many, and couldn't eat anything else the rest of the day. At least I didn't pig out on wings though, right?


  1. That doesn't look bad at all calorie wise! All the food looks so good, especccccially the margies!

  2. I am not a football fan, but I think those tacos could convert me!

  3. Yum! I want to come over for tacos!


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