Friday, February 19, 2010

We Will Persevere

We saved our Weight Watchers meeting!!!!!! We basically ran the District Manager into the ground with our arguments and he decided to keep our meeting. Unfortunately, the afternoon meeting had to be cut, so my leader still lost a meeting, but I am happy happy happy that the meeting I love, led by the leader I love is still available to me. Yay!

Now, my biggest challenge is going to be staying on track during OC Restaurant Week. I already have brunch plans with the girls at Port, but I would also like to have lunch or dinner at Lulu's, Dinner at K'Ya, Lunch at Haven (hello Candied Bacon Ice Cream!!!!), and dinner at O'Neill's. Of course, my normally spendy husband is now saying that's too much money in our economic current situation. He's probably right. ::cry:: So I don't know which places we are visiting. I suppose we could K'Ya almost any time, their prices are not bad normally. O'Neill's has spotty reviews on Yelp. And I would almost be happy just sampling desserts at Haven. Every single dessert on their menu looks divine. Maybe some of my besties would be up for meeting there after work one night?

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  1. I'm glad you guys get to keep your meeting!! :)


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