Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's for lunch?

Yesterday was day 1 of my lunchtime workout plan, and I am happy to say it worked! I now have these in my schedule until the end of time. Seriously, I made them reoccurring appointments with no end date! I was also able to (finally!) use my iFitness app on my Touch. It also worked pretty well. My one constraint is time. Not to say I didn't get a good workout. By all means, I did. MY arms were shaking for about 30 minutes after. It was semi-hard to function. But it took me 20 minutes from walking out of my office, to walking into the weight area dressed and ready to go. Maybe I will speed up a little as I go, but I took a little long at lunch than normal, and still didn't finish my BFL workout. I am still going to count it and move on with the next. In Weight Watchers, they teach you to let go of perfection, so I am going to apply that here as well.

Day 1, BFL, Upper Body Workout (weight/reps)
Barbell Bench Press - 20/12, 40/10, 40/8, 50/6
Dumbell Flye - 15/12
Assisted Pullup - 50/12, 56/10, 62/6, 62/6, 50/12
Barbell Bent Over Row - 30/12
Arnold Press - 10/12, 12/10, 12/8, 15/6, 10/12
Upright Row - 10/12
DB Biceps Curls - 8/12, 10/9, 10/8, 12/4, 8/12
Hammer Curls - 8/10
Lying Tricep Presses - 15/10
Cable Pushdown - Skipped

This took me about 40 minutes, and then it only took me 10 minutes to get cleaned up after. I did feel like a champ afterwards, and since my triceps are *still* sore from pole dancing, I felt it was okay. I'm not sure if I will be finished all the BFL workouts each week, but I'm going to count it anyway. So there.

Now, I did learn a few things during this experiment. 1. I don't know where the hell to put my touch during reps! I alternated between under my sport bra strap or my lap. And sometimes between my teeth. :/ 2. This one might be TMI. The only part of my body that gets sweaty (so far) when weight training is my crotch. :/ 3. I do not need two bottles of hair stuff. 4. I do need moisturizer. 5. I might also need a slightly larger bag. I'm going to get better at this. I can feel it!

We also took a few moments to grab some lemons and hang out with Curry. H played with him and he loved it. Oh, and we read C's cooking magazines and drank the bottle of wine she left for us!




And then we came home and I made lemon orzo:



Tonight I am going to make tabbouleh again, and since these lemons are truly the BEST, I think they need to be the lemons I use for Limoncello!

One last thing. I splurged on my fave moisturizer from Clinique, mostly because Bloomies was having a free gift with purchase! I SPPH the Milly bag, although I have little use for it.


And isn't this keychain adorable?


  1. I've been working out in the AM before one one day a week since end of last year and am still perfecting my get-ready bag. :) Could the new Milly bag work as a toiletry bag specifically for the gym?

    Good for you for fitting in a lunchtime workout!!

  2. It took me awhile to get my routine down, but, I have a pretty good groove now, and my bag is always ready.


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