Monday, March 29, 2010

An Actual Post Without (much) Whining

Hello there! Yes, I have been absent. I am in a somewhat better mood, for no good reason. I'm enjoying it regardless.

Today I wanted to discuss my workouts. And I want your opinions. As you all know, I am a runner, and I am currently training for my second full marathon. The word "training" is a bit of a stretch because I am actually coaching, and coaching people who are considerably slower than my normal pace. Anywhere from 2-4 minutes slower per mile! I don't mind, because these people deserve the attention and encouragement! But it has made me think about my own training.

At first, I thought this would be a good time to lift heavy, since my goal right now is not speed! So I started up the BFL program (I'm sure you remember, and might have even noticed my lack of updates). But now I am finding that my muscles are tighter than normal, which causes some nagging joint pain. I am stretching certain body parts multiple times a day, and I started using the foam roller as well. I was already adjusting the program to fit my needs (lifting heavy with my calves was NOT working with my running!), and once you start doing that, are you really still doing the program? Of course, I want to finish BFL because it's on my 101 things list! But now I'm wondering about how to work it with my running.

I mentioned it to my head coach, and of course he adamantly feels that light weights and lots of reps is the way to go. But most distance runners say that. Is it because they are right, or because they are sticking to a possibly outdated belief, just because that's how it's always been done?

If I really think about it, I would be happy with gaining upper body strength only, mostly because I am a weak girl with skinny arms. And theoretically, that wouldn't affect my running so much, right? And I am pretty happy with the strength and muscle mass on my legs. I could technically wait until I had a stretch of time when I wasn't running distance, but considering I want to run Nike, LA and complete the RNR "Four-titude", plus do a triathlon in the next couple of years, I'm not sure when I would fit the program in.

But if I only do the BFL upper body workouts, is it cheating to say I did BFL on my 101 things? What do you think? What would you do in my position? Can heavy weights and distance running live harmoniously?


  1. Here is my 2 cents. :) I think that you can still get pretty toned with light weights/long reps. I'm just now graduating to 12lb weights for my "heavy" sets in this program we're doing and I started seeing more definition by like week 4 with my 10 lb weights. I guess if you're not worried about your time, then maybe just focus on your upper body and play around with it until you get to a place where you're balancing your running with your upper body goals.

    I think that if you don't do the full program though, I'm not sure I'd count it on my 101 things list. But, I'm a bit OCD about stuff like that, you know? Either way, keep us posted!

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  3. Definitely don't think its cheating to count it on your 101.

    My sister ran cross country in college and I know her coaches and trainers prescribed to the low weight/lots of reps mentality for her training.

  4. I definitely do not think it would be cheating!

    I have seen much better results, as I have increased the weights I am lifting. I notice much more tone and strength, as I lift heavier.

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  6. I vote it's not cheating. I think you should do whatever is best for your body and your running right now. It's an effort in good faith so cross it from your list.


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