Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm so full of it

I thought I had an epiphany, thinking that my depressing blog posts might possibly coincide with my cycle! But no such luck. I guess while my mood may be cyclical, they are not on the same schedule as my period. Lame - I was hoping for a correlation. That way I could force myself into a short hiatus monthly so that you, poor reader, would no longer be exposed to the dreary thoughts my mind sometimes comes up with. So sorry!

But I have figured out something, possibly somewhat less earth-shattering, but important to me: (almost) all roads start with the GRE. With the exception of nursing school, everything else is a graduate program of some type. Since my scores are... well... really, really old, I have to take it again. Therefore, I have pulled out all of my GRE study materials (Thank you Universe, for not letting me donate them in a purging fit), and will be getting more from a friend (Thanks EAGCG!). I have already reviewed about 80% of the Math portion, which reminded me about what a math nerd I am since I actually enjoyed it. Of course, the language portion has always been harder for me (vocab, vocab, vocab) and now I have to prepare for an essay portion. Goodbye, 99 percentiles in multiple choice logic games. I'll miss you. I am also shocked at the $160 price tag. ::shocked::

As far as deciding wtf I want to do with my entire life, I am kinda hoping focusing on the GRE will buy me time. I did talk to a friend about it, and found out her brother in law is a Physical Therapist, so I possibly have an opportunity to shadow and find out more about that particular career. Did I also mention how for $25 CSULB will look at my transcripts and tell me what else I need to complete for the dietetics program? I'm not 100% clear if that is only to complete a second Baccalaureate, or if that's to get into a Master's Program, but at this point, does it matter? I just need some info. I can still look into getting my teaching credential too, but I have some serious concerns about teenagers pissing me right the fuck off, so that might not be my best option. I am still considering Graduate School in Biology, and maybe even Vet School again if I really want to take a risk.

I do think I have walked a bad line between playing it safe and taking risks. I didn't go the totally safe route - that would have been nursing or medical school - but I didn't take enough risks either. I don't think it was necessarily the worst thing I could have done, but it wasn't great. I didn't really follow any dream, my own or anyone else's, which I guess means I am able to move forward with something else, primarily because I don't have $150K in student loans.

Maybe I'll just focus on vocabulary flash cards for now.


  1. I wish I lived closer, so I could help you with the verbal section. I never took the GRE, but I used to teach SAT verbal prep.

    And yet, ironically, I still scored higher in math. :P

  2. Remind me to not help you with the verbal stuff. Because I suck at it. Maybe we can video chat with WM while she gives us both lessons.

    I'm excited for you. Scary, but exciting! I'm here for you if you ever need a sounding board.


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