Monday, April 26, 2010

Did I actually go a month without posting?

Life is crazy. And not so interesting, really. And I'm still grumpy and bitter. I did tip a guy $10 on an $8ish bill. I made Staycee come with me to Taco Tuesday at ET and all we ordered were two cheap-ass margaritas and three baskets of free tortilla chips. I figured that guy deserved it. He let us camp out for a while, and never really acted like it was annoying him, even though you knew it was.

In other news, I guess you know you've made it blog-wise when people try to spam you in their comments. Ok, maybe I haven't really made it, but that's what I'm going to tell myself to help me to feel better about the random spammers. Whatever you do, never click on a link in a comment. I don't know what it is, but it can't be good.

And I promise to write more soon. Sometime this week I'll share my trip to an Angels game. There was actually some excitement!


  1. Nice of you to leave an appropriate tip! Those chips and the cheap margys are SO WORTH IT. Which reminds me, I still owe you a dinner so get it together and make some time! lol. Also, I get the spammers too. Esp on posts that talk about fitness (my Bikram Yoga post gets TONS of spam).

  2. I've missed you! we should try to do that Haven Gastropub gtg sometime soon.


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