Friday, June 11, 2010

Reality of Marathon Running

While it seems like an amazing burn of calories, it is not enough to counteract a supersized combo meal. So sad that a workout's worth of calories can be eaten in mere minutes. And I have done my share of eating through a workout.

This needs to stop. I am embarrassed to say that I haven't weighed in with Weight Watchers since the end of March. It's now June, people. I am probably 10 pounds heavier than I should be, and maybe close to 20 pounds over where I want to be. I don't know exactly, because I conveniently forget to weigh myself.

Of course, yesterday was my first day back on the wagon! I counted all my calories. I went to my Weight Watchers meeting. I came home and smelled the deliciousness of wild mushroom pizza my saboteur of a husband lovingly baked for himself. Bastard. This is grounds for divorce IMO.

Next wagon I need to jump on is working out. Running doesn't count. I need some cross-training STAT. The problem is I'm so not motivated. I am not a morning person (how I ever became a runner, I'll never know) so usually I would rather poke needles in my eyes instead getting up before work to hit the gym. Too bad needles don't slim your belly. I was doing lunchtime workouts, but sometimes it's hard to get out of the office. Especially when you have crops to harvest in Farmville. Blame Diane for that one.

I should make some goals public, even though this post is more about the whining. I need to start doing some cross-training. I need to start doing some weight training. I should be forcing myself to kick my own ass with speed and tempo work, especially when I am going to beat myself up over being slow. Maybe it's time to break out the Wii.

Maybe I'll contemplate all of this over a glass of wine tonight.


  1. I totally snorted at the "blame Diane" portion of this entry. :)

    I know you can do this!

  2. You can totally do this!! I vote for the wii.

  3. That is TOTALLY grounds for divorce. Bastard.

  4. LOL! I am with you on this. I too started being good today. WE CAN DO IT! Ruff ruff ruff! **yes I'm barking - what?!**


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