Thursday, September 2, 2010

$3.50 worth of Hope


  1. There is an entire theory based around this - that you bring into reality those things that you think about. Books and books have been written about our ability to manifest. I believe in our power to at least co-author our own life story.

    So I support your $3.50 as money well-spent. In fact, I support you buying a eyelet-lace bonnet and some maryjane socks too. I whole-heartedly support you believing in the day that you will have a child/children. It will be lovely and I'm cheering for you.

    Let me know what shakes out with your visit to SF.

  2. i'm one of those that believes in some of the theories shared in those books Peeper mentioned. and i went out and bought something before E was conceived. manifest! manifest! manifest!

    p.s - i love love optimistic Serendipite!!


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