Wednesday, September 15, 2010

IVF Consult

Holy shit. This is feeling more real every day.

I met with Dr. Werlin today - what a character. But very professional. We talked and asked a lot of questions, of each other. There were so many questions that went unanswered, mostly because he's the Doc for the Study - Not like I have much choice, right?

I have some testing to do - hormone levels on CD3, hysterosonography, and a pap smear. H has testing too - a followup SA to ensure he does have sperm in his sample, as surgical sperm retrieval is not an option. As long as my hormone levels come back normal, and H has sperm, we are officially accepted into the study! Since the study doesn't allow for any suppression, we do have to time the IVF with my regular cycle, which means I can either start with my October cycle or my November cycle.

The study uses Ganirelix for to ensure I don't ovulate before the ET, and Crinone gel for progesterone, which means no post ET shots! I can't tell you how excited I am about that, since my husband might not be up for the task of sticking me in the keister with a big ol' needle.

The study only allows for a 3 day transfer, so I don't even have to worry about the 5 day blasts, other than will they freeze (since FET's are also covered under the study), and we will transfer 2 - no more, no less.

Now, the bad news. Dr. Werlin is extremely conservative. He requires full bed rest for 3-5 days after ET (I can get up to pee, and I can sit up to eat - that's it), and no exercise of any kind for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Um, huh? In fact, he requires a full 12 weeks of complete and utter pelvic rest. How the hell am I going to make it through 12 weeks of pregnancy without running???????????????????????????????????????

Ok, I understand that the question mark usage might have been a bit gratuitous, but I am really upset.

I should be happy I am so lucky to be getting this chance. But it is just one more thing that infertility has taken from me. I wanted to run through my pregnancy. I wanted to run a marathon during my pregnancy. I wanted to prove to everyone, including my MIL, that someone can be pregnant and still be healthy and active. So, how incredibly unfair is it that I can't do any exercise during my first trimester, much less run? And how shitty it it that I can'r run, but yet, I still have to go to work???? How am I going to emotionally survive without running? And there is probably no way that any doctor, RE, OB or Peri that will allow me to start running in my second trimester after taking a good 14-16 weeks off.

IF still fucking sucks, but I am a lucky, lucky woman. And that's all I can muster up right now.


  1. OK, this is amazing.

    Once pregnant, I didn't want to do a goddamn thing to jeopardize my pregnancy, exercise included. Try not to worry about the running thing. Just take it day by day, my friend!

  2. fingers crossed that everything continues to go well! Great news so far!!!

  3. This is SUCH great news! Very excited for you! I understand the frustration of not having the pregnancy you had envisioned for so long maybe turn out the way you want but at least the silver lining is you get a chance at experiencing it!

  4. I am soooo stinkin excited for you!!!!

  5. My good friend had strict bedrest and she is insane like you about running. You will manage just fine. It will be a great motivator for you once that nugget is born.

    I am so happy for you Dip. I will have every part of my being crossed over the next few months that this is successful.

  6. Woa woa let's take it one day at a time woman!

    Let's get pregnant first - I bet you'll be so stoked when you are RUNNING will be the LEAST of your thoughts and worries.

    One day at a time! Stay excited!!


  7. Continuing to send you good thoughts that everything keeps progressing well. How exciting!

    I was on three weeks of no exercise/pelvic rest and admittedly it sucked, but I agree with the others that your desire to take care of the nugget will outweigh your desire to run. 'Cause we all know that you'll be a fantastic mom. :)


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