Monday, September 27, 2010

Saline Hysterosonogram

Today Dr. Werlin looked at my ute. I wasn't too worried about this test, since my HSG was relatively painless. But I did forget to take my Tylenol! I remembered that about 10 minutes before my appt. Oops.

Anyway, I had the procedure explained to me about 5 times, which was nice but unnecessary, since I scoured the interwebs as much as humanly possible, as I do with all this stuff. The one disconcerting thing was the industrial size trash bag with an absorbent cloth right placed right between the stirrups, directly under where my butt would go.

Overall, the procedure went fine. A little uncomfortable when looking at my ovaries, and then definitely uncomfortable when the nurse injected the saline into my uterus, but not painful at all. Thank goodness. Dr. Werlin said I was perfect, about 1000 times. My ovaries look great, 4-5 follies on each side, with the lead follie at16 mm on my right ovary (I should O on Wednesday by my calculations, so right on target). My lining is 9 mm, and the surface of my uterus looks great - no polyps or abnormalities. And I didn't even gush.

Now, we wait for my CD3 blood to come back (any day now), and then get H in for his SA and infectious disease panel. Oh, and I have my pap smear scheduled for the third week of October. Once all of that comes back, I can schedule my final consult and to sign paperwork. We're moving along!


  1. Cool! Is this what they call a HSG dye exam?

  2. Yay for forward progression! D - the dye exam uses actual dye and they use an xray machine as well and follow the dye along the tubes to make sure they are open..


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