Thursday, September 30, 2010


I heard through the grapevine that I might be able to score some days at the 24Hour Ultrasport Lakeshore Towers between now and December. So yesterday, I checked it out.

It was nice. I felt a little like a rat on a wheel when running circles on the track, but no biggie. They have nice equipment. Spacious workout areas. SUPER spacious locker rooms with awesome shampoo and conditioner, multiple areas to apply makeup and style hair, complete with hair dryers and curling irons. Oh, and the towels are provided - no more bringing my own which then sit damp in my car all day, getting yucky.

I can't get used to this, because the $70 a month is a bit excessive, especially when I am about 6 weeks away from not being able to work out. But man, did my regular 24 Hour feel especially sucky today.

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