Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wait - I ran a race too!

Lest I forget about the whole reason I went to SF in the first place, here is my race recap!

We lined up with about a million other people (Okay, 20K, give or take) and then waited. Passed the time by taking pics:

It really does look like a herd of women, doesn't it!

Before too long, we started running. I promised myself I would actually carry my camera and take some photos during a race for once!

YUM - I wished I had some sourdough right then.

Golden Gate! Too bad we weren't running over it!

The line of women waiting to get their picture taken with the GG behind them. I wasn't THAT interested...

The pink people were funny, although all of my pics of them were somewhat blurry! That's why I get for not actually stopping - my camera doesn't do well during the bouncing of a run.

Yes, please.

Hell yeah!

I'm still not sold on the chocolate mile - I mean, I'll take it and save it for later, but who can eat chocolate while running? I bet I will get at least one comment from someone who can. LOL

And I finished..... and then stopped. What a mess the finish was. And of course right about then is when the sky opened up and it started to pour. :/

I got my necklace, but didn't want to wait in a line (yes, a LINE) to get my pic taken with a barely legal fireman, so I picked the one who was mature and distinguished.

And afterwards, I had my free wine from Kimpton. LOVE my Kimpton hotels!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

San Francisco Part Dos - Off the beaten (Tourist) path

I had these grandiose, yet touristy plans of spending my Saturday morning by heading to the Ferry Building for Blue Bottle, Farmer's Market, and maybe a snack. Fortunately, Peeper's Photography class was canceled (great for me, kinda sucky for her) and she schooled me in what the locals really do!

She picked me up again and headed for coffee. We were looking for the nearest Ritual, but her GPS took us down some seriously sketchy roads. I wasn't completely worried, except we had her toddler in the back seat! Eeek! However, the minute I realized that Ritual wasn't Peep's favorite coffee, I encouraged her to just take me there, which would be a place she knew how to find: Coffee Bar!

Yummy yummy doughnuts!!!

We ended up with Havana lattes (Espresso with sweetened condensed milk and steamed milk) - umm, YUM!

The three of us also shared delicious doughnuts - Spicy Chocolate and Huckleberry Glazed. YUM.

Then we were on our way to Farmer's Market - Not at the Ferry Building, but Alemany!

Yummy beans Peep and her husband love:


The largest carrot Ada had ever seen!

We had to stop for a snack - Tlacoyitos! Blue corn pancake topped with chorizo and potatoes, cojita cheese, sour cream, onions, cilantro and salsa. Amazing, and only $4. Ferry building would have been twice that!

There was also a woman who plays guitar with her little dancing pink kitty. The kids really like to dance while she plays.

The whole market was pretty amazing - more character, more interesting items, more people too! It's kinda rough finding parking LOL

We bought a Dragon Fruit as our splurge for the day - neither of us had ever tried it!

After Farmer's Market, we headed home to shuck beans, feed toddlers, and eat dragon fruit:

It had a mildly sweet flavor, but didn't taste like much of anything. I wonder if we just didn't get a ripe one, or if that's what they taste like?

When we put the sweet girl down for a nap, Peep and I took a walk around her neighborhood.

And ended up in this park that was maybe a 5 minute walk from her front door. This park was really a small mountain, with hiking trails up to a tremendous view of the city. Who gets to see stuff like this? Peep's friends, that's who!

We sat and talked. A lot. One of the things I love best about Peep is that she knows and understands so much about me. She knows what it's like to be a runner, and she knows what it's like to struggle with infertility and all the weird little feelings that accompany IF. She's also my age, and is smart and open minded and quirky and awesome. I will flatter myself and say we are a lot alike. :)

On the way back, I took more photos of her neighborhood.

Reluctantly, after this photo, I had to go back to my hotel. I had a dinner to attend with TNT, and I also didn't want to keep Peep and her family from their family time. I had such an amazing time with her though - I feel so fortunate to have met her and talked her into hanging out with me! I hope to have many more trip reports much like this one, filled with more goofy photos of us together. Maybe in the future, goofy photos of us with our respective spawn!