Wednesday, October 20, 2010

San Francisco! Part One

I love love love the city! I was really excited to go, and was even a little excited to go on my own. That quickly dissipated, because I started missing my husband the minute I got off the Bart. The town was already crawling with Nike runners.

I got to my hotel, checked in, got my shit done (like pick up my race bib, etc.), and drank some wine at my free little reception (SPPH Kimpton), just in time for Peeper to pick my ass up.

We made sure the nanny was good with her daughter, and then we bathed the baby (ok, Peep bathed, I watched and played with bath toys). We then walked around the corner from her place, and went to put our name in at a restaurant that I may have forgotten the name of. Then we walked around the corner to a little wine bar where we grabbed a drink and a snack while we waited for our table. I love that they are smart enough to just take a cell phone number. I mean, why does anyone bother with those stupid restaurant pagers anymore?

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm the worst food blogger ever. Didn't even think to take a picture of these lovely shitake mushroom ravioli at Eos until they were just about gone. They do have a picture of them on their website, in case you wondered what they looked like before we demolished them.

Right as we finished, the first restaurant called to tell us they were ready for us! Of course, we ordered a bottle of wine.

I can't really remember what anyone else ordered.
As if you haven't already guessed, by this time I was a few glasses deep, and was no longer really interested in real food, but preferred to sample their Mac and Cheese and a roasted squash dish. I vaguely remember both to be lovely.


Peep posing, in her charming and goofy way!

Love this woman!

I don't necessarily remember the restaurant name (maybe Peep will fill me in), but I do remember our waiter was funny and charming and all around great, and his name was Aidan. :D

We took a moment to pose for some more pictures.

Don't ask me what Peep was doing!

We ditched the hubby and moved on to a bar. We went to a cute little bar where there was a fun band playing and I had a drink that was tasty and possibly some sort of mojito, but don't quote me on it. What a lush I am! I was out of cash at this point - have I mentioned that fewer places than you would think don't take credit cards? Not like I needed another drink at this point!

Thus guy kept getting in my way so I forced a photo on him.

Blurry but fun band. This might be the exact way they looked to me at that moment!

We're so done at this point. Peep put me in a cab shortly after.

On to Part Dos of San Francisco!


  1. I LOVE IT!!

    Let me help you fill in some blanks: We ate at Zazie - our favorite neighborhood place. It was the first place Tim and I ate at together in SF...and Aidan was our waiter. He's awesome.

    The bar we went to was called DeLuxe and it's on Haight St in Upper Haight. The band was awesome, my hot toddy was delish, and that guy was too quiet to be trustworthy.

    My favorite part of the whole day is how you called and left a message (I was at work) and when I called you back it was like I was talking to someone I've known for 20 years. The best!
    Great night, our first night meeting. Loved it and love you more!!


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