Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 4 of Stims

So, no side effects yet. I don't really feel anything. That might be because my sinus infection last week turned into a lymph node infection by the weekend, and I have been in serious pain since Friday night which has distracted my body. I started my second round of antibiotics today (after getting clearance from two doctors) so hopefully I will find some relief soon.

So, I have to say the injections aren't that hard. The needle is TEENY. In fact, it's so small I almost died when I saw the blood draw needle yesterday - it looked so big in comparison. I start Ganirellix tomorrow for suppression, which could be just in time since I have started producing a river of EWCM. I hope the Ganirellix needle is also small. Two a day injections from now on. :o/ Speaking of EWCM, I have NEVER had that much EWCM. Funny, I guess now I know what that's like. LOL

So other than the unrelated lymph node pain, I have felt nothing. The injections don't sting at all, and I feel nothing going on in my body. My husband thinks I am overly emotional, but FFS, my lymph node HURTS. So bad it makes me cry sometimes. I stand by the pain rather than the hormones, tyvm.

Tomorrow I go in for an u/s and bloodwork, and then I am at the RE every day through trigger. I don't know if I get a day off between trigger and ER though. I guess we wait and see.

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