Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 5 of Stims

Today started out bright and early because I had a 6:30 am Doctor's Appt! This is so I don't have to take too much time off from work It was also REALLY early. I was hoping my husband might want to come along, but he decided to sleep instead, so I made tomorrow's appt at 7:30 am. I don't think he missed much anyway, you know? Stuff is happening, but not much yet.

Had my date with the dildocam, and things are progressing. I'm trying to not get worried about anything and let the RE do his job. I had three follies on the right (14, 12, 9), and at least two on the left (9 ish). He had a hard time finding my left ovary, and when he found it, he didn't look super hard. I'm no expert, but I figure it's just too early to get worked up over the follies, especially since I start the Ganirellix today, so that might even things out some and maybe allow more to grow, because in my mind, 5 follies might be better then 30, but it's not the number I had hoped for. I would love to see 10-15, but it's out of my control. My doc always says I'm perfect, but I think he says that to all the girls. He did give me a high five today after the u/s. LOL By the way, lining was at 10 which seems good.

I also had blood drawn. Have I mentioned how humongous that needle is? I'm not sure if it's because my stim needle is so little, or because I have been poked in the arm 8 times in four weeks (4 times in 6 days), but that shit hurts now.

Like I said before, today I start the Ganirellix injection in addition to my daily stim injection. I still can't remember how big the needle is... The package says 27.5 compared to the 33 that I inject my stims with. Just slightly bigger, hopefully not so much bigger I have a freak out. Especially since I need to give myself my shots and then immediately go into a meeting. My meeting actually starts when I need to be shooting myself up, which was poor planning, but whatevs. It is what it is.

So, now I should be a much better blog updater, albeit a little one-track-minded, since I am now at the RE every single day from here on.

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