Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 8 of Stims

I have to admit, I am pretty disappointed. I think at best I only have 6 follies, and most don't seem even close to maturing. Yesterday's appt had me with three on the right (19,16,14) and two on the left (12,12). Today's appt had me with four on the right (20,17,14,12) and one on the left (12). I'm hoping he just missed the second lefty today. My lining is good, 12.5. I am just hoping that at least two of these eggies will be rockstars and that this single round of IVF will be successful, because at this point, I am not so sure I will have anything to freeze.

Today I am off of the study meds (whatever they were) and continuing on with Follistim and my Ganirelix. Should have some E2 results later, and of course another appt tomorrow. I also got my prescriptions for Medrol & Tetracycline, and then it was suggested I get baby aspirin (to help with implantation) and a probiotic (to keep me from getting a yeast infection since this is the third bout of antibiotics in two weeks). Good times!

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