Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Egg Retrieval and Fert Report

All went well! I'm actually shocked at how good I feel. I'm attributing all of this to only having three mature follicles, which means that my ovaries never reached grapefruit size. While I am still disappointed I will have nothing to freeze, I feel lucky to have gotten this chance, and so far so good.

We got to the surgery center early (better early than late, right?) and I filled out paperwork while my husband gave his sperm sample. Then they brought me back for prep. I had to get undressed, and was able to go to the bathroom. I had to take out ALL my body jewelry after all (my belly looks weird without a little diamond in it!) and put on some cute (not) booties, a hair net and a hospital gown that was open in the back. I didn't even get to tie it, because they were going to use it only as a cover. They took my arms out, attached the blood pressure cuff, gave me an IV and let my husband in to hang out with me while I waited for my RE and the anesthesiologist.

After three different people asked me my name and birthdate, and a few other questions, my RE was ready for me, so I kissed my husband, and got wheeled into the surgery room. It was crazy - there were like 10 people in there! The anesthesiologist gave me something that made me feel warm and fuzzy, and my RE showed me my follies on the u/s before they put me under. The anesthesiologist told me the drug would hurt a little, and it totally did. The last thing I remember is the pain of that drug in my arm, creeping up from my hand, and hearing my heart rate increase on the heartbeat monitor (because it hurt!).

The next thing I knew was laying down in recovery. My catheter was out, and I was loopy. I asked if I could pee like three times, and kept asking the nurse what her name was, over and over. I couldn't retain a thing. She finally told me it was George. LOL It was Marilyn by the way. I finally remembered. They did eventually let me pee, and barely anything came out - guess they put a catheter in during surgery and I was just irritated. Bummer.

My RE came to talk to me, and he said they were able to get three eggs, which is all I really expected. I guess they flushed the other follicles and there was nothing in them. My SIL drove me home, and sat with me for a few hours. She also made me mac and cheese. YUM. We watched TV while I guzzled Gatorade like it was going out of style. They gave me drugs for nausea and pain, but in all honesty, I feel great and have been fine since the procedure. Later that day, my RE called to tell me all three eggs were mature and ICSI was performed on all three.

Today, I still feel great. Not really any pain at all. Maybe a little bloating? But I was bloated before, so how can I tell? hahaha I started more antibiotics, medrol, progesterone, and baby aspirin today. my RE called this morning and gave me my Fertilization Report: Out of the three eggs, two fertilized normally and are growing. They will call me with an appointment time for Friday's embryo transfer. I have faith, but I'm also saying a little prayer that both these beautiful little embryos grow big and strong between now and Friday.

In the meantime, I am enjoying a couple days of freedom. I was able to cook a little for Thanksgiving prep today, and should be able to enjoy Thanksgiving with no issues. Then, depending on my appointment time, I might even try to get out for Black Friday. Old Navy is open at Midnight! And Target opens at 4:00 am. WTF, right? I know I would rather stay up until Midnight than get up at 4:00 am. Just saying. And as soon as those little embies are transferred, I'm stuck laying flat on my back for five days.

Anyway, if you have any extra spare thoughts, prayers and/or vibes, my little embryos can use them. This is our time and I really want this to work for us. I've paid my dues and I'm ready. In the meantime,



  1. Oh my gosh I feel like this all happened SO quickly for you. Of course I'm praying for you babe.

    Praying praying praying. Lots to be thankful for this weekend huh?


  2. Glad it went well! Fingers crossed for you!

  3. I will definitely be praying for you.

  4. Good luck on Friday! Lots of T&Ps for you!

  5. OMG! I've been reading your posts trying to catch up on the last 6 months. So excited for you and I know this has been a long road. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. Sending all my T&P for those two beautiful embies to grow!


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