Friday, November 12, 2010

First IVF Appt

Baseline u/s - Lining measured 5, right ovary had 5 follies, left had 4, largest measured 6. Dr. Werlin admired my socks (hot pink with white reindeer).

I got my blood pressure and pulse taken, gave a urine sample, 6 vials of blood and was weighed. Then I was put into the clinical trial computer program, and got a patient number which corresponded to my pack of meds. Nurse gave me my first two shots - one specifically for her to give and the other from my take home stash. One of them was drugs and the other was placebo. The question is, did I get the study drug today and will be injecting myself with sterile water over the next week? Or did I get Follistim today and will be doing what so many other regular full paying IVF patients get? I have a feeling I already know (even though I'm not supposed to), because doesn't Follistim sting like a bitch? That's what I have heard at least.

Anyway, I also got my Ganirellix (another injection, starting Tuesday). I go in Sunday morning to donate more blood to the cause (Haha) and then Tuesday for an u/s and more bloodwork.


  1. Not quite sure what all of that means but just wanted to let you know I'm praying for you and hope it is successful!

  2. Just a thought - wouldn't it be fun if the next time our families got together it was more like 9 of us?


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