Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Side Door

This post os so terribly overdue, it's not even funny. Last summer we met up with friends to check out the Side Door, the new hip gastropub underneath the Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar.

We started with cocktails, as a night out should. I got a pretty yummy Pimm's cup.

The we shared some gorgonzola fries - DELISH.

One of the chefs was our friend's sister, and she sent over the avocado mash with pita chips and black salt. Good but not my favorite thing.

Great thing about the Side Door - beer flights and wine tasters!

They also had a Charcuterie station. I truly loved how they paired every item with a condiment to accent the flavor. For the salami, they had a lavender mustard, and for one of the cheeses they had an amazing honey. So good. I could go there and order just that!

I love wine.

These were amazing - super chili fries. Beef fat fries with a prime rib chili.  ::drool::

And the salmon club, which was also good.

Lemon creme brulee with sugar cookies.

And this was the most amazing dessert ever - Black Bottom Irish Whiskey Pudding. Not too sweet, enough of a boozy bite to be adult, and just all around creamy goodness. It made me happy.
The Side Door is good. I'm so going back. Although, I have to say the Duck Fat Fries at the Crow Bar are actually more yummy. ::drooling again::


  1. Thanks WM! I need to work on the color of my photos - too yellow, due to no flash action. :)


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