Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trigger Day!

This morning my follies were 26, 21, and 19. I am still hoping there is a fourth one in there that they missed today but will see on Tuesday. I go in tomorrow for blood and a pre-op, and then schedule the ER on Tuesday!!!


Last Sunday as I was waiting for my bloodwork, I started talking to a woman who was also doing the study. Today we were there together again. We seem to be on the same schedule, and started talking about results. We seem to both have 3-4 follicles, but instead of being disappointed, she just went with it. She didn't do any research about IVF, she just went with the flow. That was probably a good thing for her, and I really would like to adopt her zen outlook on the whole thing.

Then I look at our differences - she already has one child, she's going through secondary infertility. In addition, she's already decided not to freeze any embryos, so whatever is left over wouldn't be used anyway. Those two differences make a world of difference. If I already had one child, would I even be doing this study? Not sure. I do know that in my mind, the potential FET's were my security blanket. As in, if this first round ended up not getting me pregnant, it wasn't the end of the world, I could still try again. Now I have to convince myself that not having snowbabies isn't the end of the world either. Not an easy task.

I'm still hoping that my follies are few but mighty.

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