Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I took up knitting. I probably should have taken it up before bedrest, but that's how it goes. I didn't think quickly enough, and H suggested it on Black Friday after ET. I doubt there was any way in HELL he was going to fight the rabid crafties at our local Michaels.

So far, I have learned the knit stitch, the purl stitch, how to bind off (I think that's what it's called) and a couple stitch patterns. I am *almost* ready to try something new. I think my first project should be a scarf, but maybe I want to attempt to change yarn colors or something like that first? My little "Teach Yourself Knitting" book also has a lesson on cable knit. o.O Not sure I'm up for that yet. My husband wants me to knit him a beanie. I'm unsure of how I do that, exactly. There is also a lesson about knitting with four needles to create circular patterns. Couldn't you do that with a circular needle? It seems to me it would easier than managing four freaking needles. And would look better than "sewing the pieces together. I might have to do more research.

Regardless, I thought knitting would be a nice stress reliever. Not sure if it's working or not, but I do feel like I'm getting it, which is different than the last two times I tried it.

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  1. I would suggest we do a stitch n' bitch next time we're together but I am a shitty knitter. All my stuff ends up really tight - like too tight to continue working on. I think I need to relax before I take up this relaxing hobby again.


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