Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to Me... On Opposite Day

You gotta love holiday family gatherings. Especially when the clueless have just enough information to make them dangerous. Let me explain.

You see, even though I wanted to keep our ivf between us and a small handfull of understanding people for support, he felt that the more people we told, the more good thoughts in the universe we had.

As we all already know, those extra positive vibes didn't make a bit of difference and our ivf failed. When we got the test results, I threatened my husband and told him he better call every single person he told and let them know that it not only failed but to also not say a word to me about it. And then I proceeded to bury my feelings into butter, french fries and mac & cheese.

Fast forward to today, Christmas. Family gatherings. Well, a cousin who we did NOT tell went out of her way to tell me I was "sparkling" (huh?) And then actually put her hand on my belly and indicated I was pregnant. Um, no, but thanks for playing. Awkward. Especially since I had been drinking wine all night. Your powers of observation
astound me.

Later, this cousin's dad then mentioned something about our "project" not working and wondering if we would try again. Gotta love the family rumor mill. If there was ever a time to say FML, this was it.

Needless to say, Weight Watchers starts this week. Oh, and my husband will be thrashed with a wet noodle.

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